Embroidery Workshops to Help Your Creative Process

Free-motion embroidery, also known as free-machine embroidery, is a useful core skill for any textile artist, quilter, or felt enthusiast. At Loosethread, we provide these embroidery and stitching workshops to help you improve your skills and boost your creativity. Our workshops help, support, and enable you to use a sewing machine as an innovative and creative tool.

Whether you quilt, produce mixed media art, make cards, appliqué or embroider clothes, this course will introduce you to a wide ranging variety of ways to achieve exactly what you want.

What will you learn?

The aim of our workshops is to teach you the basic techniques of free-motion embroidery by helping you to:

All of this will be achieved by a mix of theory, practical sessions, and Q&A resulting in the production of small stitched picture.